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Truffle This

Truffle this

Goes well with your (boozy?) coffee

I have a confession. I’ve been drinking Bailey’s in my coffee for the better part of a week now. Really, it all began over a month ago, the morning of the wedding, when we figured we would need something to fortify ourselves with.  After a brief pause (let’s not kid ourselves… filled with Mexican beers, pina coladas, and margaritas, lest you think any kind of cleanse was happening), I couldn’t WAIT to get my hands on the Baileys again. ‘Tis the season, right?

I know it’s almost time to put away the sugar, step away from the butter, and re-learn how exactly to shred kale again. But until then… just one more sip?

The gathering

The gathering

These boozy little bites go perfectly with your coffee, your tea, or that mid-afternoon bottle of red you cracked open. They come together quickly and the payoff is huge!

melting chocolate and hot cream

You heat up some heavy cream (I used whipping cream), break up your chocolate and pour the hot cream over it. You’ll likely need to use a double boiler (a pan of water with an inch or two of water simmering in it on which you’ll set your metal bowl) to melt it all down into a thick chocolaty concoction.

Double boiler

Double boiler

Then you stir in the other ingredients, dump into a pan and cool in the fridge for 30 min or so until it is scoopable but not hard. I made it harder on myself by leaving it there overnight and then had to let it soften on the counter until it was the right consistency again.

scooping and rolling

scooping and rolling

It didn’t come out of the scoop cleanly for me and I ended up having to use a melon baller for the size, a spoon to get it out of the baller and then my hands to roll them into round balls. It was a workaround that worked!

Drop in icing sugar (or cocoa, or shaved coconut, or anything you could dream up… finely chopped nuts might be tasty too) and voila! The hard part is trying to savour just one.

production line

Boozy Bites (aka Grand Marnier truffles)
Recipe via Alexandra’s Kitchen

This originally called for the mixture to be cooled in a pan that had been lined with parchment. I used my silicone brownie pan (8×8) and didn’t line it. I likely wouldn’t have lined a glass pan either. I like to live on the edge.


  • 12 oz. bittersweet chocolate*
  • 1/2 cup whipping cream
  • 2 tablespoons Grand Marnier
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • a pinch of flaky salt
  • powered sugar (or cocoa. or coconut. or nuts.)

* or… 7 oz. bittersweet and then a guesstimated 5 oz. of unsweetened because you didn’t read how much that one box you bought had in it and had to scrounge around for more.


  • Bring cream to a simmer, just before a boil. Watch it closely as it could boil over quickly.
  • Break/cut chocolate into small chunks and place in a heat proof bowl.
  • Pour cream over chocolate and mix it all around. You’ll likely need to use a double boiler method to heat the whole thing up and melt it together.
  • Take off heat, add Grand Marnier, vanilla and flaky salt. Stir together and then pour into your pan and smooth it out. I only poured it into half the pan to make it thicker. I figured it would make for easier scooping. I don’t think it would have made a difference either way.
  • Refrigerate until firm, but not hard, about 30 minutes.
  • Drag a melon baller across the mixture and drop truffles onto a parchment/waxed/foil lined baking sheet. Note: I needed to use a spoon to get them out of the melon baller and my hands to roll them into a ball.
  • Pour some icing sugar into a dish or tray. Drop the truffles in and shake around to cover them in sugar.